[Watch] CSK vs KKR – Heroes of 2011 WC reunite, watch as Gautam Gambhir hugs MS Dhoni

Gautam Gambhir hug Dhoni

CSK vs KKR IPL – Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni the Heroes of 2011 World Cup, were seen giving a warm hug to each other post the match in Chepauk. Gautam Gambhir who have been pretty vocal on his thoughts against MS, had given an interview to star sports praising Dhoni on his captaincy and tactical abilities.

The 109 run partnership that MS and Gautam Gambhir had in the finals against Sri Lanka, is the most memorable run chase for cricket lovers in India. However, this was followed on with numerous verbal battles and media trials for both the veterans. Gambhir who many a times showcased that he was not given enough credits for the win, as people worshipped Dhoni who had finished the game.

Gautam Gambhir (97 of 122) and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (91 of 79) were the winning partnership for India. But GG often was spotted being disappointed as MS was credited for the win. The line “Dhoni finishes off in style” has become so famous that people believe he is only one who won the match for India. Gambhir also was seen saying that MS promoted himself up the order over Yuvraj Singh who was a crucial man in the tournament having won man of the tournament.

Gautam Gambhir and Dhoni
Gautam Gambhir and Dhoni

In the IPL Matches There were pretty much a lot of feuds of Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni but the match on 8th of April was something different. The fans witnessed the legends end their feud and give themselves a warm hug which left the fans astonished. Netizens react this in mixed emotions. Some said “Gambhir turned from cactus to roses” where as the other said “Gambhir in parallel Universe”. Truly this IPL is one big season, where Gambhir first ended his distaste with Virat Kohli and now With Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Gambhir was found praising MS in his chat with Star sports where he said “See I wanted to win, I am very clear in my mind, There are people, friends, there is mutual respect, Everything will always remain the same, but then when we are in the middle I am captain of KKR, he is the captain of Chennai Super Kings he was here instead of me, he will also say the same answer It is about winning. I want to get back into a winning dressing room.”

Calling MSD the best captain India can ever have, Gambhir went on to say “MS probably is the most successful captain India will ever have. i don’t think anyone can ever reach the level, winning three ICC trophies. People can win overseas, people can win as many Test matches, but it cannot be bigger than three ICC trophies, he added.”

“In the IPL, I enjoyed every bit of it because I knew that MS had a tactical mindset. He was very good tactically, know how to conrol the spinners, how to set the field against the spinners, and probably would never give up as well. He batted at No. 6 or 7 and knew that till the time he is there he can finish off the game, even if 20 are needed in one over.”

As the crowd erupts with MSD walking into the crease.

Gambhir concluded by saying
“But, at the same time, I knew that I had the bowling attack to actually challenge anyone in CSK. SO tactically I could be better thn him, probably had to be better than him in every fact to actually beat him because Dhoni is not that aggressive on field, but always knew that he is not going to give up. To beat Chennai, until you have not scored the final run you have not won the match. THere are some teams against whom if you even go close, they end up giving, but not Chennai”


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