Highest death over partnership in IPL – Top 20

Highest death over partnership in IPL

Highest death over partnership in IPL is by Virat Kohli and AB De villiers when they struck 229 runs against Gujrat lions in 2016.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricketing tournament that showcases some of the best talents from around the world. It is not just a tournament; it’s a season of festivity for cricket enthusiasts in India. In the realm of Twenty20 cricket, and especially in the IPL, the last four overs, known as the “death overs,” are critical. This is where games are won or lost, and nerves are tested. Highest death over partnership in IPL are most fragile and are easily broken as the teams tend to swing the bat on every ball.

The death overs are about maximizing runs, and partnerships during this phase are vital. They can turn the tide in favor of a team, making the difference between a defendable score and an underwhelming one. The record for the Highest death over partnership in IPL is a testament to skill, nerve, and the ability to accelerate when it matters most.

Partner 1Partner 2batsman_runextras_runtotal_runBatting team
AB de VilliersV Kohli87289Royal Challengers Bengaluru
AB de VilliersV Kohli77077Royal Challengers Bengaluru
AB de VilliersV Kohli73275Royal Challengers Bengaluru
Ishan KishanKA Pollard74175Mumbai Indians
KK NairKL Rahul73174Punjab Kings
S RanaYuvraj Singh67471Royal Challengers Bengaluru
MEK HusseyS Badrinath71071Chennai Super Kings
KL RahulQ de Kock69170Lucknow Supergiants
AB de VilliersMP Stoinis64569Royal Challengers Bengaluru
KD KarthikShahbaz Ahmed65469Royal Challengers Bengaluru
AB de VilliersSTR Binny66268Royal Challengers Bengaluru
AD RussellKD Karthik65368Royal Challengers Bengaluru
AB de VilliersTM Dilshan571067Royal Challengers Bengaluru
KA PollardRG Sharma66167Mumbai Indians
HH PandyaKA Pollard65267Mumbai Indians
S DubeV Kohli62466Royal Challengers Bengaluru
KA PollardRG Sharma64165Mumbai Indians
AT RayuduRA Jadeja60565Chennai Super Kings
AB de VilliersV Kohli60565Royal Challengers Bengaluru
JP FaulknerSPD Smith60565Rajasthan Royals

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The table showcases the highest-scoring partnerships during the death overs in IPL history. It details the names of the players involved, runs scored by the batsman, extras contributed, total runs added during the partnership, and the team they were playing for. This data reflects not just individual prowess but also the synergy between two players facing the pressure of the game’s most intense phase.

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Top 10 Highest death over partnership in IPL

1,2,3 Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers

One of the most successful partnership in the history of IPL is of Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers. They have time and again proved their chemistry on field to be very effective. Together, they hold the record for the highest run partnership during the death overs, setting a benchmark with their 89-run masterpiece. In 2016 against Gujarat Lions this feat was achieved along with the highest partnership. They again hold the 2nd and 3rd place with 77 and 75 runs.

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4 Ishan Kishan and Keiron Pollard

Ishan and Pollard played an outstanding game of cricket when they scored 75 runs against RCB in 2020 chasing 201 runs. They had a total partnership of 119 out of which 75 came in the death overs. The match ended in draw and eventually RCB won in Super over. Pollard had scored 56 of 23 and Ishan Kishan went up to score 60 of 28.

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5 KL Rahul and Karun Nair

In the dubai leg of IPL in 2020 KL Rahul and Karun Nair Playing for KXIP had scored 74 runs in the last 4 overs, missing by a run to break Ishan and Pollard’s record of Highest death over partnerships in IPL for 4th place. KL Rahul had scored 132 in 69 balls in that match taking the total score of Punjab upto 206. Although Karun Nair had gotten only 6 balls, he scored good 15 runs in that partnership. They achieved this feat against RCB which eventually they won.

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In the tapestry of partnerships, AB de Villiers emerges as a recurring architect of the death overs, his name featuring most frequently among the top stands. The Royal Challengers Bengaluru dominate the narrative, their players often finding themselves part of the most productive death over pairings. This not only underscores the individual brilliance of players like de Villiers and Kohli but also reflects the team’s strategic emphasis on finishing strong.

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The IPL is as much about the celebration of individual brilliance as it is about partnerships that stand the test of high-pressure scenarios. The partnerships listed here tell stories of resilience, understanding, and mutual trust. They remind us that cricket  is the union of two players at the crease that can turn the game on its head. As the IPL continues to evolve, the records may change, but the essence of these partnerships will remain an enduring part of its legacy.

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