Top 100 Highest partnership in IPL – Aggregated through the history of IPL

Virat Kohli And AB De Velliers

Highest partnership in IPL history – right from the time IPL started in 2008, we saw many cricketers whose batting impressed the fans to a large extent. Starting from Brendon McCullum’s 153* in the opening match of IPL which still persists as the 2nd highest score in the IPL history. In this article we will look into the players who stuck around in the same franchise for years enough to enroll themselves in the list of Highest partnership in IPL.

Visualizing the Highest partnerships in IPL through graphs

Using a dataset found in Kaggle which gave the ball-by-ball data of IPL, An extensive analysis was performed in python to list out the most players who could create an impact by playing together.

The dynamic duo of AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli has topped the charts for the highest partnership runs. Their collaboration on the field had a huge impact with an impressive total of 3,134 runs, beating the other pairs in the history of the tournament.

Highest partnership in IPL history
Highest partnership in IPL history

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The second-highest partnership is between Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli for RCB again, with a formidable 2,802 runs, showcasing Kohli’s consistent performance as a partner with various batsmen. David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan take the third spot for all the time they had played for Sunrisers Hyderabad, accumulating 2,357 runs together, reflecting their solid opening partnerships over the seasons for SRH.

The list features several other notable combinations, with Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa contributing 1,906 runs, placing them comfortably in the top five. This is followed by the pairing of KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal, who have gathered 1,731 runs.

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The partnerships listed reflect a blend of experience and aggressive batting styles, with the likes of MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina, as well as newer combinations like Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer, making it to the top.

Interactive Dashboard for the Top 10 Highest partnerships in IPL

Given below is an interactive dashboard with the top scorers with their Images, and details about their matches. Click on each card to find out more details about the players. You can sort the cards through their Franchise from the dropdown in the top left corner of he dashboard

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Highest partnerships segregated by Franchises

In this context, RCB is by far the most successful team with two of the highest-scoring partnerships in IPL history. The pairs of AB de Villiers with Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle with Kohli have accumulated a colossal 5,936 runs between them, marking RCB as a franchise with a huge legacy. 2016 being their notable year, they reached the finals and finished at the second spot.

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) isn’t far behind, with the pairings of David Warner with Shikhar Dhawan, and Warner with Jonny Bairstow contributing a combined 3,758 runs. SRH’s strategy of explosive opening was always their high. 2016 being their most successful year where they defeated Kohli’s RCB winning the tournament.

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The interactive bubble graph below shows the top 20 partners segregated by the team. Click on each bubble to know more about the partnership. You can choose the franchise from the top left dropdown to filter by teams

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK), known for their strategic acumen and team spirit, have seen strong partnerships throughout their batting order. The duos of MS Dhoni with Suresh Raina, M Vijay with Michael Hussey, and Dhoni with Ravindra Jadeja have collectively scored 3,939 runs, reflecting CSK’s balanced approach to building innings.

Top 100 Highest Partnership in IPL

Here is the list of Top 100 Highest partnership in the IPL history.

Partner 1Partner 2Batsmen runsextrasTotal runsTeam
AB de VilliersV Kohli3040943134Royal Challengers Begaluru
CH GayleV Kohli26501522802Royal Challengers Begaluru
DA WarnerS Dhawan22421152357Sunrisers Hyderabad
G GambhirRV Uthappa17951111906Kolkata Knight Riders
KL RahulMA Agarwal1664671731Punjab Kings
CH GayleKL Rahul1573601633Royal Challengers Begaluru
MS DhoniSK Raina1427551482Chennai Super Kings
PP ShawS Dhawan1423381461Delhi Capitals
DA WarnerJM Bairstow1336651401Sunrisers Hyderabad
RR PantSS Iyer1319491368Delhi Capitals
M VijayMEK Hussey1302651367Chennai Super Kings
BB McCullumDR Smith1277861363Gujrat Lion
KA PollardRG Sharma1293511344Mumbai Indians
MS DhoniRA Jadeja1237531290Chennai Super Kings
Q de KockRG Sharma1222521274Mumbai Indians
AM RahaneSR Watson1118511169Rajasthan Royal
MEK HusseySK Raina1129391168Chennai Super Kings
AT RayuduRG Sharma1121441165Mumbai Indians
JC ButtlerSV Samson1098491147Rajasthan Royal
AM RahaneR Dravid1086591145Rajasthan Royal
F du PlessisSK Raina1013431056Chennai Super Kings
MK PandeyRV Uthappa989511040Kolkata Knight Riders
AT RayuduKA Pollard984391023Mumbai Indians
BB McCullumSK Raina92254976Chennai Super Kings
G GambhirJH Kallis91546961Kolkata Knight Riders
AM RahaneSV Samson92037957Rajasthan Royals
D PadikkalV Kohli89155946Royal Challengers Begaluru
G GambhirV Sehwag86667933Delhi Capitals
AC GilchristHH Gibbs86655921Deccan Chargers
HH PandyaKA Pollard86851919Mumbai Indians
CH GayleTM Dilshan86346909Royal Challengers Begaluru
KS WilliamsonS Dhawan85048898Sunrisers Hyderabad
F du PlessisRD Gaikwad85143894Chennai Super Kings
Ishan KishanRG Sharma84134875Mumbai Indians
S DhawanSS Iyer84028868Delhi Capitals
LMP SimmonsPA Patel79856854Mumbai Indians
F du PlessisSR Watson81531846Chennai Super Kings
S BadrinathSK Raina78040820Chennai Super Kings
DJ BravoMS Dhoni78137818Chennai Super Kings
G GambhirMK Pandey77636812Kolkata Knight Riders
AT RayuduMS Dhoni76337800Chennai Super Kings
Ishan KishanSA Yadav76226788Mumbai Indians
DA WarnerMK Pandey76027787Sunrisers Hyderabad
DA WarnerV Sehwag71946765Delhi Capitals
SR TendulkarST Jayasuriya66785752Mumbai Indians
AT RayuduSR Watson73612748Chennai Super Kings
R DravidSR Watson72124745Chennai Super Kings
DR SmithSK Raina70930739Chennai Super Kings
CA LynnSP Narine69338731Kolkata Knight Riders
AM RahaneSPD Smith70712719Rajasthan Royals
KK NairSV Samson69027717Rajasthan Roals
M VijaySK Raina69023713Chennai Super Kings
DA WarnerNV Ojha66147708Delhi Capitals
MK PandeyYK Pathan65048698Sunrisers Hyderabad
N RanaShubman Gill67324697Kolkata Knight Riders
CH GayleMA Agarwal64840688Punjab Kings
AD RussellKD Karthik65431685Kolkata Knight Riders
AC GilchristSE Marsh61759676Punjab Kings
MS DhoniS Badrinath64130671Chennai Super Kings
DA WarnerMC Henriques63726663Sunrisers Hyderabad
JH KallisMK Pandey61341654Kolkata Knight Riders
AB de VilliersTM Dilshan58944633Royal Challengers Begaluru
AT RayuduSR Tendulkar58534619Mumbai Indians
F du PlessisMS Dhoni57735612Chennai Super Kings
PA PatelV Kohli58326609Royal Challengers Begaluru
AJ FinchRV Uthappa57729606Pune Warriors India
RG SharmaSA Yadav58124605Mumbai Indians
A SymondsRG Sharma57225597Deccan Chargers
DA MillerGJ Maxwell57422596Punjab Kings
KL RahulQ de Kock55827585Lucknow Supergiants
KD KarthikSK Raina56613579Gujrat Lion
KL RahulV Kohli55915574Royal Challengers Begaluru
PP ShawSS Iyer54322565Delhi Capitals
KA PollardKH Pandya53331564Mumbai Indians
D PadikkalJC Buttler54121562Rajasthan Royals
AC GilchristPC Valthaty51940559Punjab Kings
DPMD JayawardeneV Sehwag51838556Delhi Capitals
CL WhiteS Dhawan53917556Sunrisers Hyderabad
Q de KockSA Yadav52324547Mumbai Indians
SK RainaSR Watson51729546Chennai Super Kings
AT RayuduSK Raina52215537Mumbai Indians
BB McCullumG Gambhir50825533Kolkata Knight Riders
DR SmithSR Tendulkar48541526Mumbai Indians
AM RahaneRA Tripathi49827525Rajasthan Royals
CA LynnRV Uthappa50717524Kolkata Knight Riders
E LewisSA Yadav50021521Mumbai Indians
DJ HoodaKL Rahul50119520Lucknow Supergiants
JH KallisRV Uthappa49718515Kolkata Knight Riders
G GambhirS Dhawan48726513Delhi Capitals
GC SmithSA Asnodkar45753510Rajasthan Royals
Shubman GillVR Iyer48325508Kolkata Knight Riders
ML HaydenPA Patel44551496Chennai Super Kings
ML HaydenSK Raina45735492Chennai Super Kings
SPD SmithSV Samson48011491Rajasthan Royals
AB de VilliersCH Gayle46823491Royal Challengers Begaluru
KS WilliamsonMK Pandey45928487Sunrisers Hyderabad
JH KallisMS Bisla44541486Kolkata Knight Riders
ML HaydenMS Dhoni43541476Chennai Super Kings
AM RahaneJC Buttler45422476Rajasthan Royals
M VijayML Hayden44629475Chennai Super Kings
Abhishek SharmaKS Williamson45024474Sunrisers Hyderabad
JA MorkelMS Dhoni45024474Chennai Super Kings

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Which pair Has the Highest Partnership in IPL history?

Having a good partnership allows players to combine their strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers have the highest partnership in the IPL history with 3134 runs aggregated together. This include some huge knocks that they played together like 229* against Gujrat Lions in 2016, 215 against MI in 2015, 157 against SRH in 2016 and 155 against the rising supergiant Pune in the same year. This pair has played their knocks together for Royal Challengers Bengaluru. The RCB franchise has a huge fanbase and this pair is highly celebrated through out the country.

Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers are two strong, like minded players which makes it even more easier for them to understand each other and convert the singles into doubles, and  doubles into triples. They have played for huge amount of matches together for RCB where they accumulated 3134 runs together for the team throughout. Their knock against Gujrat Lions in 2016 which was the most successful season for the team still remains as the highest partnership in the IPL history.

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