Rachin Ravindra IPL Debut, young kiwi in CSK

rachin ravindra

In the IPL 2024 opening clash between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), a new star emerged – Rachin Ravindra. Making his debut for CSK, Ravindra’s all-round performance was a spectacle that showcased his potential and left fans and pundits eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this young talent.

Rachin Ravindra’s IPL debut quickly became a talking point, not just for his contributions with the bat or ball, but for his fielding brilliance. The match of RCB vs CSK at Chennai saw a lot of action. Amidst this, Ravindra, showcased why fielding is as crucial as batting or bowling in the modern game.

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Rachin Ravindra IPL debutant’s Fielding brilliance

Ravindra’s quick reflexes and athletic dive showcased that this wasn’t just about saving runs; it was about sending a message that every run matters, a testament to his commitment and skill on the field.

Dismissal of Faf du plesis

Mustafizur Rahman, a left-arm fast-medium bowler for CSK, was brought into the attack, tasked with breaking the building partnership and providing a crucial breakthrough. Du Plessis, tempted by the width, reached out for it, attempting to place it over the infield. However, the ball, slightly slower and with a touch of away movement, took the edge of Du Plessis’ bat.

The moment the ball left the bat, it seemed like it might just evade the fielders, but Rachin Ravindra IPL debutant, stationed at deep backward point, had other ideas. Ravindra sprinted, keeping his eyes fixed on the rapidly descending ball. With a perfectly timed dive, he completed a stunning catch, ensuring that Du Plessis’ knock was cut short. This catch wasn’t just about athleticism; it was about anticipation, agility, and the sheer desire to turn the game in favor of his team.

Rachin Ravindra catch
Rachin Ravindra catch


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Dismissal of Virat Kohli

As Kohli lofted the ball towards the boundary, it seemed for a moment that Kohli might survive, and the ball would fall into the boundary for a 6. However, stationed at deep backward square leg was Rachin Ravindra , whose fielding prowess had already been on display earlier in the match. Demonstrating exceptional awareness and agility, Ravindra sprinted towards the ball, eyes locked on its descending trajectory. With a perfectly timed leap, he snatched the ball from the air, completing a catch that was as much about anticipation and footwork as it was about hand-eye coordination.

Having an extreme presence of mind, Ravindra when he realised that he would touch the boundary rope, immediately tossed the ball into the air towards his team Ajinkya Rahane, who just in time came to assist ravindra. This presence of mind from the young kiwi not only saved the boundary but also, led rahane complete the catch.

rahane and ravindra collectively dismiss kohli
rahane and ravindra collectively dismiss kohli

Ravindra’s impactful batting

Opening the innings for CSK, Rachin Ravindra faced the challenge head-on against a formidable RCB bowling attack. His approach was aggressive from the get-go, as he hit his way to a rapid 37 off just 15 balls. His innings was completed with three fours and three huge sixes, setting the tone for CSK’s chase. Batting at a strike rate of over 200, his quick-fire 37 played a pivotal role in giving CSK a flying start in their chase of RCB’s total.

rachin ravindra batting
rachin ravindra batting




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